The Three Levels of Clients

The Three Levels of Clients

Base Training Podcast: The Three Levels of Clients

James FitzGerald joined Lee Carder on the Base Training Podcast to discuss the current state of the fitness market and the three main levels of clients. You can listen to the full episode here.

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The Current State of Fitness

The podcast begins with discussing the current state of the fitness market. James sets the scene for this conversation by saying “This question wouldn’t have been asked 80 years ago”.

James believes that currently, no one has an idea of what fitness is and what a progression for a lifetime looks like. Currently, fitness is being sold as short term fixes to a poor lifestyle when instead James believes that fitness is something we just do every day as part of our lifestyle. And thus is opening his own gyms around the world to contribute to changing this.

The Three Levels of Clients

The second half of the podcast focuses on the three levels of fitness clients coaches will meet and what fitness for each should look like.

The Beginner:

When working with the beginner client James says coaches will spend months helping that client change their ideas of what fitness is and expose them to a scientific method of coaching. This is done through monthly consultations and communication via a coaching platform such as TrueCoach. These clients will also be introduced to the Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs).

The Intermediate:

When working with this client the coach will have the opportunity to personalize even further. If the coach has worked with this client appropriately they will have an amazing base of support and be able to work on whatever they want to specifically develop. This specification can be capacity based, strength, etc. These clients will still focus on mastering the BLGs through the guidance of their nourishment program.

The Advanced:

The advanced client’s main focus is resisting entropy. This client already has a great base of support and their coach will just continue to guide them along their fitness journey reminding them of little things. This client will be the closest to autonomy out of the three. This client will focus on consistent BLG practices, but at a higher level by monitoring their own central nervous system (CNS) via the balance between work and rest.

In order to be a true professional, a coach needs the skills to change the beginner’s mindset, guide the intermediate, and support the needs of the advanced client. James recognizes this and has created the OPEX System of Coaching just for this purpose. Based on scientifically proven principles this system of coaching gives coaches an idea of how to work with clients of all levels and create a career for a lifetime. Learn the basics of this system of coaching for free by signing up for The Free Coach’s Toolkit. Sign up, today and learn James’ personal coaching method.

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