The Secret to Success As a Remote Coach: Consistency

The Secret to Success As a Remote Coach: Consistency

How to Be Consistent as a Remote Coach

“Consistency leads to success.” If you are a coach then you might have used this phrase while discussing training with your clients. It also applies to building a remote coaching business. Being consistent is one of the most vital and surefire ways for a coach to thrive in a remote setting. Here are the six things you need to deliver consistently to be a successful remote coach. 

First, Define Your Service

Before you can begin as a remote coach you need to define your service. Delineate a clear line of what you will offer, how much, and how often your clients can expect it. Then map out how your services will be delivered. This includes but is not limited to how you deliver your training and nutrition programs, how you will consult clients, and how you create ongoing communication with your clients. A well-refined service is the foundation for a successful coach. 

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At the heart of your service are the training programs you write, so you must possess the knowledge to write effective personalized training programs and consistently deliver them.

Start every program with an assessment. Our coaches use the OPEX Assessment to obtain the necessary data points to start a personalized training program. Whichever assessment procedure you use, make sure your clients understand how to complete it and submit the necessary notes and videos. (Learn our assessment method here.)

Design a minimum of seven days at a time and on the same day per week for each client. Sunday is a good starting point to send out programs, as this allows a client to plan for the week ahead and they will have their training in hand as part of their Sunday rituals. Designating a specific day of the week to program will improve your productivity and create consistency for you and your clients.  

Deliver your training through an online coaching platform such as CoachRx. This will help you be clear in your intent for the training day, and let you include exercise videos ensuring the client knows how to execute every exercise. 


Just like your training programs, you have to consistently deliver on your nutrition programs as well. Having a set standard of nutrition principles is an outstanding competitive advantage as a remote coach.

To start, design behavior and nutrition programs around priorities of what your client needs and what will bring them closer to their goals. 99% of clients will achieve the health and fitness they are after if they honor the Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs), and these are the most powerful prescriptions you can provide as a coach. Click here to learn the BLGs.

Some clients will need a more advanced prescription for the types and quantities of food they should eat. As coaches, it can be tempting to overcomplicate this, so ensure you are not giving them a prescription outside of what they are capable of or ready for. 

When prescribing nutrition protocols, use appropriate systems to do so. Cronometer or MyFitness Pal are good platforms to track macros. Choose one system that works best for your model and incorporate that tool as a monitoring system monthly.


Monthly client consultations are the most important service you can offer as a remote coach. Having face-to-face conversations in a remote setting is a powerful way to create a human connection. Consult with your clients once per month for at least 30-minutes. Use a virtual communication software such as ZOOM that is free and reliable.

In your monthly consultations, aim to hit on your client’s behavior, exercise, and nutrition to gain insight on how your prescriptions are going and what you can improve moving forward. Monthly conversations allow you to identify what clients’ needs are at that given moment. This in return will allow you to prioritize the next month ahead. Learn how to conduct thorough client consultations in this free course.


The final part of building a consistent remote coaching model is refining over time. Nothing is perfect right away and as you operate, it will become clear what refinements are needed. This will allow you to create standard operating procedures (SOPs). These SOPs can be your guidelines to ensure a consistent experience is delivered day in and day out and as you work with clients. Even if you’re only starting with a handful of clients, implementing SOPs from day one will save you in efficiency and efficacy as your remote coaching business grows.


The reality is that it takes experience and education to be a successful and efficient remote coach. Refining your delivery of online exercise, behavior, and nutrition programs takes time. However, these are skills and a journey you can start today. Log into LearnRx and take the FREE Fitness Coaching Blueprint courseto  learn the fundamentals you need to begin a successful career as a remote coach!


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