The Importance of Testing

The Importance of Testing

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The importance of testing, especially at this time of year, really surrounds just knowing where you sit. You have to know where you sit with some specific characteristics in relation to the goal. Of course, this time of the year, the goal is the Crossfit Open.” – Director of Coaching Mike Lee

Testing plays an important role in the fitness in four unique ways.

Fitness Testing Provides Insights in Strengths and Weaknesses

If you happen to have a specific goal, like making it to the CrossFit Games, than testing provides a method of comparison to other athletes in your sport.

By comparing results to successful athletes in your sport, you can see the areas which need improvement, and the training program can be modified accordingly.

Fitness Testing Allows You To Monitor Your Progress

An initial testing session will give you some idea of their capabilities at the start of any program. As the athlete progresses, any retest will help determine the effectiveness of their training program.

Fitness Testing Provides Incentives

The incentive to improve can often be provided by the ‘goal’ of a certain test score, like a PR or a Benchmark WOD Time improvement. By knowing that they will be tested again at a later date, the athlete can aim to improve in that area.

Fitness Testing Identifies Talent

Testing is primarily used for help in designing the most appropriate CrossFit training program. A general non-sport specific testing battery can provide you with an idea of your basic strengths and weaknesses, and aid in the formulation of the optimal training program for success in the Sport of Fitness.

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