Client Training Program: Kinsy Rosati

Client Training Program: Kinsy Rosati

Kinsy Rosati is working on her muscle-up dip kipping here with these extra reps on top of the rings. She has been working on creating fluidity with these for some time now and they are becoming more and more efficient. One way in which we characterize athletes at OPEX is how quickly they can pick up new skills and movement techniques. Many individuals have aspects of their muscle-ups which lack efficiency, and sometimes it takes dedicated practice to make lasting changes that are effective for improving performance.

Kinsy is coached by OPEX HQ Coach James Taylor.

A) Barbell Overhead Carry:
15-20m ub x2-3 sets; rest as needed b/t sets

20m ub @65/70/70

B) Muscle Up:
video- 1-2 reps + 3-6 kipping ring dips x 6 sets; rest 2 min b/t sets

completed- 2 reps + 6 ring dips

C) Single Arm Dumbbell Powell Raise:
@2010; 5-8×4; rest 90 sec b/t arms


D) 12 min amrap:
12 TTB
9 PCJ #65
5 bar facing burpees

6+4 TTB (4/4/4-ttb, 5/4 pct)

walk cool down

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