Tennil Reed’s Training: February 23rd 2018

Tennil Reed’s Training: February 23rd 2018

Tennil has some strict gymnastic pieces, but to crazy the night before the first CrossFit Open workout.

This session is similar to Tuesday’s AM session. Upper gymnastic strict / positional work followed by upper pushing and pull strength and accessory pieces. Nothing intense or overly tough here on the eve of the Crossfit Open workout.

A) Strict MU negatives:
2,2,2,2,2; rest as needed – weight these if possible over time

B1) Semi supinated chest to bar pull ups:
@11X1; 3,3,3,3,3; rest 30 sec

B2) Top of Ring Dip Hold :
30 sec externally rotated; rest 2 min x 5 sets

C) Split Jerk:
tough triple in 15 min – from blocks, DROP each rep, REALLY work on FAST recovery.

D) Push Press:
3,3,3,3,3RM; rest 2-3 min

E) 4 sets skill based:
3 DH2I
30 sec HS hold freestanding
3 skin the cat
rest walk 1 min

F) NFT::
10 strict dips – pause 1 sec at bottom
rest 30 sec
10 prone row @1010 – building load small – pin for 2 sec
rest walk 2 min
x 2 sets

Some good / solid aerobic intervals the day before the open workout to prep the system and get it ready for battle.

A) Row:
Row 400m @90% Aer
rest walk 1:1
x 8
15-20 min play 18.1
Cool down 15 min
5 min shake or EASY recovery T

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