Successful, Sustainable, and Scalable

Successful, Sustainable, and Scalable

OPEX Gyms License Program

The OPEX Gyms License Program

When it comes to one-on-one fitness coaching, OPEX Fitness has refined the business model that creates success for coaches, clients, and gym owners. Through building over 70 gyms around the world we have learned what works and what doesn’t. Based on this experience we are now offering an opportunity to own a successful, sustainable, and scalable business model through the OPEX Gyms License Program.  

What is an OPEX Gym?

OPEX Gyms are coach owned and operated facilities. Our gyms deliver a unique experience called Personalized Fitness. Each client works with their own coach who creates a personalized program based on their needs and provides constant support through monthly consultations and assessments. New gym owners successfully manage gyms on their own or with part-time support staff up to 80 members before bringing in another full-time coach. The OPEX Gyms License Program model was built to achieve profitability within the first 10 months of operations.

What is the OPEX Gyms License Program?

The OPEX Gyms License Program is an opportunity for coaches to own an OPEX Fitness branded gym. Over the three months of the program, coaches are prepared and ramped up for the grand opening of their own OPEX Gym via education and support from OPEX Fitness HQ. Following the grand opening, gym owners continue to receive business and coaching support for the life of their gym.

What is included in the OPEX Gyms License Program:

Territory Protection  This ensures you will not have to compete with another OPEX Gym in your market.

Digital Accelerator Course – A comprehensive digital course, workbook, and operations manual for running your OPEX Gym.

10 Weeks of Small Group Support – Receive support in setting up your business, creating marketing strategies, developing operational procedures, and weekly coaching development.

One-On-One Mentor Support – You are assigned a personal mentor that currently owns a successful OPEX Gym that will guide you through your own grand opening.

Gyms Mentorship Program – Continued weekly coaching development, monthly business calls, annual OPEX Gym masterminds, global brand marketing support, and ongoing financial support.

Creating a business within the fitness industry is tough, the market is ever changing and the burnout rate is high. But, there is a business model that maximizes success for the gym owner, coach, and client, OPEX Gyms. Download the Future of Fitness is Personalized and take the first step to opening your own OPEX Gym.


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