Stop Marketing to the Wrong Clients

Stop Marketing to the Wrong Clients

You have seen it and perhaps you have even felt it. It can be really hard to bring great clients into your gym. If it were easy you wouldn’t see 1000 different email and digital marketers “prowling” your Facebook feed with paid ads telling you how the are “killing it with digital marketing.” They know you are struggling and that you need help bringing new clients into your gym. Before you get swooped into paying for a service that often is unproven, take a moment to read this so that you can answer one major question….Are you actually “speaking” to the right people?

Don’t get me wrong, marketing is challenging. There can be many moving parts to it. But, we have worked with thousands of coaches and gym owners and something consistently comes up broken in their initial plans. They try to get everybody to come into their gym. They say “My gym is for everybody. We have great coaches and a great community of people.” But, that mentality leads them to trying to make catch-all marketing messages that don’t emotionally connect to any one group of people. In today’s social media environment, you cannot just show up. You have to show up with a plan to improve that person’s life. Notice I said “that person.” I mean that one person’s life…or so they need to feel that emotional connection. Notice I said “that person.”  I mean that one person’s life…or so they need to feel that emotional connection.

The way that you need to think about who you want to market to can come in a few different ways:

  • Who are your best clients currently?
  • Who do you most want to work with?
  • Who are your most profitable clients?
  • What are the demographics of your area?
  • What type of coach are you?

If you think about those reasons you almost want to put together a visual drawing of the exact person that spits out the bottom of that question funnel.  It’s when you start to build out your entire marketing message to speak to those clients that you will have your first strategy.  Does it mean that you cannot speak to another group of people down the road?  No.  Does it mean that you will not get anybody into your gym outside of that style of person?  No.

What it does mean is that you will see if your marketing strategy is successful or not based on the exact avatar of person you are trying to attract.  If after implementing your strategy nobody with the qualities/traits that you targeted came in, something needs to be refined in your message and process.  If you didn’t bring in the right clients but you brought in a lot of clients, you’d want to take a look at the message because something likely worked in the process once you got that outside group’s attention.  If you nailed it and got a lot of the right people in the door, stamp it and throw advertising budget at it because it should work for awhile (it won’t work forever).

We aren’t going any deeper than that today because if you get this wrong, you will constantly throw good money after bad audiences.  Get the audience right, get the process from attention grab all of the way through your sales process locked, and then amp it up in a big way.

Go get em! And if you want to learn more about marketing and building your business, take a look at our CCP Level 1 course where we teach you this and more!

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