EC Client; Jonson Tan and Mobility


Jonson Tan flew all the way from Malaysia to meet with me. He had knee surgery in the beginning of the year and hasn’t been able to squat or move much at all due to pain so he sought me out to get him back in the game. Thanks Jonson for dropping into OPEX. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and appreciate you letting me take you to lunch as well!

Assessing posture is extremely important when you work with any athlete or client. In my opinion it should come first and foremost. For starters, depressed and downwardly rotated scapulae reduce many areas of performance not just in overhead barbell movements. I drew an “x” on the manubrium, and one on the front of each AC joint. Generally, I want to see the AC joint 1-1.5 inches above the manubrium. If I don’t see that then I know I am very likely leaving performance on the table at the very least, while also leaving my athlete potentially up for all sorts of shoulder issues/injuries. It’s these small details, and knowing how to improve upon these details, that leads to PR’s. Not to mention, better performance inside and outside the gym. Also, just for the record, I don’t draw on my clients normally. We made a video of me running through an entire assessment with Jonson when he was in town. Otherwise, I would have just eyeballed everything with my “gonivision”.

Coach Michael Bann


Fitness Assessments for New Clients