Quality Coaching is Eternal

Quality Coaching is Eternal

Six tips to finding a coach that fits:

Fitness, just as much as fashion experiences fads. As Coaches we’ve been privy to them all, answering questions from our clients on everything from the ab roller to hot yoga and ROMWOD. As crazes makes their way through the gym, rather than entertain each one, we see it as an opportunity to re-visit the client’s fitness program and explore what’s sparked their curiosity.

It is important to find the right coach that fits your needs and goals

Given everyone is physically unique, at OPEX Fitness we specialize in individualized training. A coach will take into account a client’s fitness background, present and future goals, plus lifestyle considerations like work, sleep, nutrition and stress levels before designing a fitness program that’s bespoke to them. If a client is asking for a tweak to their program, irrespective of the nature of the tweak, it’s our task to discover why they’re asking and ultimately, whether their current program is meeting all their needs. We may consider for instance, whether an inquiry about ROMWOD, is an issue with the client’s mobility, a desire to emulate someone they admire or something else entirely, like a lack of trust in the training process, themselves or their coach.

It’s hard to keep on the ball when it comes to fitness, which is why we believe in pairing our clients with a professional coach that can do just that. Our coaches ask questions, as well as answering them placing emphasis on good communication, transparency, accountability, resourcefulness, as well as good program design. If you’re uncertain if your coach is the best fit for you, here’s a quick checklist of must-haves.

  1. A recognized professional qualification, such as the Coaching Certificate Program (CCP)
  2. A proven history of gaining results with clients
  3. Expertise in creating individualized training programs
  4. Experience in addressing lifestyle pieces like nutrition, sleep and stress
  5. A consistent, clear and straight forward communicator
  6. An excellent accountability partner
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