Individual Design and Group Gyms Don’t Mix

Individual Design and Group Gyms Don’t Mix


OPEX Fitness CEO Jim Crowell Answers

There are countless numbers of gym owners that attempt to put individual design into a group gym. While we understand their desire for increasing profits, the idea itself is folly and leads to the demise of both your service offerings.

Perhaps one of the most pressing concerns with this divided business model, is how you market yourself. Because you offer two services instead of one, the job of informing, connecting and converting your audience just became a whole lot more complex. This duality of business lines dilutes your service offerings, leading to less clientele and a diminishing brand identity.

Another concern is how your coaches are likely to feel pursuing their craft within two very different business models.

“Now, how does that coach feel in that scenario where they know that individual design is ultimately going to lead to longer term results, but they’re watching somebody go into a group setting without consistency of customization for that person’s needs? It doesn’t make sense for that coach.” OPEX CEO Jim Crowell

This duality of ideas of what proper fitness ‘is’ negatively impacts your coaches ability to do their job and find fulfillment in the process. This will eventually lead to exceedingly high turnover rates among your staff.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You must decide what type of gym you want to operate, and run it well. That is the key to success, being able to master one type of gym model.

Trying to operate two different kind of gym models at the same time is one of the major mistakes gym owners make. Save yourself from a costly mistake in your business’ operation by learning about the other five mistakes gym owners make by downloading our free guide today.


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