Professionalize Your Coaching with a Proven System

Professionalize Your Coaching with a Proven System

Without a clear roadmap, the coaching process can feel like guesswork. 

Making it up as you go every time you onboard a client is a waste of time and energy for you and a less-than-professional experience for your new client.

Well, whether you call it a recipe, a blueprint, or a roadmap, we’ve built CoachRx to systematize your coaching process, taking into account every element of the client experience. 

From onboarding today to lasting results for life, here’s what you can expect when you coach your clients with CoachRx. (Want to sell and coach group programs too? We’ve got you covered with our Programs feature.)

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💸 Making the sale

Your client visits your polished coaching storefront and sales page, is impressed with what they see, and signs up right there and then with our in-platform payment processing. Plus, no more chasing monthly payments with our subscription feature!


📄 Handle the paperwork

Along with their CoachRx client app login details, a customized contract or waiver is sent to your client to complete, making boring paperwork a breeze.


✅ Intake complete 

Your client also receives a customizable intake form so you can get to know their goals, experience, and current lifestyle before you meet.


👥 Get to know your client

Start the coach-client relationship on the right foot when you schedule and conduct an initial consultation, tracking any important notes about their exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle behaviors to refer back to.


⏱️ Comprehensive assessment

In-person or online, you’ll take your client through a body composition, movement pattern, and work capacity assessment, track the data, and receive auto-generated priorities. Over time you’ll go deeper, testing and tracking structural balance for automated insights.


📅 Plan for success

Build out a long-term macrocycle and organize short-term mesocycles inside to ensure your program is progressive and considers any key dates.


💪 Training split

Next, you’ll design a simple split to keep your program design on track. This appears on the workout calendar for you and your client, so you know what patterns, energy systems, and muscle groups to program for and they understand the session priorities.


🏋️‍♂️ The fun part

It’s time to implement the information you gathered about your client in assessment and consultation, guided by proven program design principles. Plus, you can pull from a library of warmups, cooldowns, exercises, and program templates to increase efficiency.


🥦 Outside the gym matters too

Task your client with simple daily nutrition and lifestyle behaviors like sleep, hydration, and macros. They’ll get a notification to ensure they track and build consistency over time.


💬 Connect from anywhere

You’ll use our Loom integration to send video messages and movement feedback and handle day-to-day commenting and messages from the web dashboard or coach mobile app.


📈 Relationships + results = retention

From ongoing assessments to weekly check-ins, you’ll always have tabs on your client’s progress so you can shift the direction of their program as needed.

CoachRx plug-and-play systems are built to help you deliver the best coaching service on the market, guiding you through every step of the coaching process.

It’s time to raise the standard for yourself and your clients.

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