Personal Growth Will Grow Your Business

Personal Growth Will Grow Your Business

The Business of Fitness Coaching

“I think growth is a really interesting topic for anybody. Again, I am a huge advocate of the growth mindset because I think as you grow, you feel momentum, you feel inspired. But I think a lot of people ask themselves the question of why they feel stagnant sometimes. They might spend a couple of years doing something, they might spend 10 years doing something. But I generally think that people feel stagnant when they’re stagnant. I don’t think that it needs to be much more complicated than that.”

Stagnation in business can quickly kill the passion and enthusiasm of the gym owner. When you feel your business begin to stagnate, you should dig deep to discover what could be causing it. Typically the majority of those who feel ‘stagnated’ haven’t been doing anything to further their coaching craft.

“In terms of internal growth and fulfillment, you really want to think about how you’re learning, how you’re growing your mind, you want to think about how you’re growing externally or physically through your body in terms of how you’re actually training. That’s really beneficial, particularly in the gym industry. You also want to think about how you’re working with others.

If you have no touch point to work with others, i.e., your clients or your coaches or your staff, you really won’t feel as much growth. There’s a lot of people who say that giving back is the greatest form of growth. I think there’s a lot of truth to that. How are you actually giving back to your coaches, to your clients, to your staff?”

Therefore, the key to crawling out of a state of stagnation in both business and life is to develop yourself personally. Address the critical areas in both your career and life you are failing to meet, whether it be personal connection with others or finding more educational resources.

Aligning your daily actions with personal development will allow you and your business to thrive.

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