OPEX Fitness and Brand X to Partner

OPEX Fitness and Brand X to Partner

OPEX Fitness and Brand X to Partner

Driving the Future of Coaching Education

OPEX Fitness and The Brand X Method recently inked a broad partnership to improve their respective coaching education programs and fitness service offerings to their clients globally.

The Brand X Method is the prominent coaching educator for children’s long-term health and fitness development, and OPEX Fitness is the leader in Personalized Fitness Coaching Education (OPEX CCP) and boutique functional fitness gyms (OPEX Gyms). The two companies will maintain their respective brand names, but they will work together to create a lifelong coaching education system to deliver premium fitness training to children all the way to older adults.

OPEX Fitness Founder, James FitzGerald will work closely with Brand X founders Mikki and Jeff Martin to continue bringing the finest coaching education for children to the market. The Brand X Method team will help bolster the already strong client experience and support the long-term development of children within OPEX Gyms.

From Jeff and Mikki Martin, Founders of The Brand X Method –

“There was a strikingly clear alignment in the philosophy and aspirations of Brand X and OPEX, and the collaborative connection was immediate. After only a few discussions, we felt a strong congruence—not only in aspects of fitness and coach education, but also in our visions of powerfully impacting the industry and revolutionizing the way humans move through the modern world.”

From James FitzGerald and Jim Crowell, Founder and CEO of OPEX Fitness –

“We are exceedingly excited to work closely with Brand X as they continue delivering superlative coaching education to coaches working to develop children through movement. We see numerous synergies where we can support their coaches and clients and where Brand X will help bolster OPEX Gyms and OPEX CCP Coaching Education!”

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