OPEX Podcast #48: A New Course

OPEX Podcast #48: A New Course

OPEX Podcast #48

James FitzGerald on the latest OPEX Podcast

On the latest episode of the OPEX PodcastJames FitzGerald and Robbie Bourke sat down to discuss James’s latest course Mixed Modal, the International Functional Fitness Federation (iF3), and the Mixed Modal 3-Day Apprenticeship.

Contributing More

Mixed Modal is James’s latest contribution to the world of functional fitness. This course provides revolutionary thought through four chapters, Sport, Energy, Practice, and Skills, along with the sample programming needed to create a podium-caliber performance. Learn more about the course here.

Creating A Structure

Later in the podcast the duo reference iF3 and the ultimate goal of getting functional fitness into the Olympics. Through his work with iF3 James is creating a structure for functional fitness competitions that will layout expectations, proper tests, and a well thought out experience. Read about James and iF3 in this blog.

Passing On the Knowledge

To wrap up the podcast Robbie brings up the 3-Day Mixed Modal Apprenticeship. This three-day experience took place at OPEX HQ in sunny Scottsdale, AZ and was a meeting of the minds for seven top-level coaches led by James FitzGerald. Read all about the apprenticeship here.

If you want to learn James’s coaching methodologies first hand our free mini-course The Professional Coaching Blueprint is for you. This course introduces you to the OPEX System of Coaching and provides coaches with more than a dozen resources to implement with clients immediately. Take the first step to becoming a professional coach with The Professional Coaching Blueprint.


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