OPEX Fitness Charitably Partners With IF3

OPEX Fitness Charitably Partners With IF3

James FitzGerald has been a long-time advocate for creating quality and consistency within competitive functional fitness. Gretchen Kittelberger launched what is today the International Functional Fitness Federation, IF3, with the mission of organizing functional fitness and ultimately being invited into the Olympic Games. When IF3 launched FitzGerald immediately felt a deep connection to the mission, sport, and governing body.

As IF3 gained steam and added numerous governing bodies in their respective countries, FitzGerald took on the role of IF3 Director of Programming to support the growth of the sport as well as the quality and consistency of the competitive environment and workout programming. Since FitzGerald’s 2007 victory at the inaugural CrossFit Games, he’s gone on to successfully build OPEX Fitness to support coaches and gyms around the world “live larger lives through fitness”.

FitzGerald, 11 years after his victory, now works closely with coaches around the world to help them work with both everyday clients as well as functional fitness athletes. His newest course, Mixed Modal, is designed to support coaches who intend to help athletes reach their maximal potential in the sport. It’s through Mixed Modal that FitzGerald wants to give back to the functional fitness world, and what better way than to donate $75 from every sale of Mixed Modal directly to the IF3 Governing Body.

“Gretchen and the entire IF3 organization are paving the way for a long and bright future for the functional fitness athlete, coach, and community. I’m excited to directly support IF3’s mission of earning a place at the Olympic Games, and I look forward to helping their coaches and athletes into the future.” said FitzGerald on the new partnership.

Gretchen Kittelberger, IF3 president, said, “This really means a lot to IF3 and will help us substantially increase the scope of our impact on the sport. I can say with 100% confidence that we would not have the success and the growth we have had so far without all the support of James and OPEX from day one.”

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Be one of the first to support IF3 and further your education by learning how to create podium-caliber athletes and support IF3 with FitzGerald’s latest course Mixed Modal.

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