One Coach, One Client, One Program

One Coach, One Client, One Program

Santa Barbarian

One Coach. One Client. One Program.

Take a look at what changing words can do.

Constantly Varied —> Personalized and Progressive

High Intensity —> Applied Functional Effort

Functional Movements —> Functional Work

A program that focuses on personalized, progressive, functional work is a winner. It’s not that hard, you just have to write it down. When you experience it, it makes even more sense. AND it actually has been happening for a LONG time with success. Success means constant improvement in some ways towards the long term goals.

This is a win-win for everyone. The coach wins as their client improves. The client wins by progressing in health or fitness or both. Find me someone that does not want to progress in fitness. Find me a lot of people who are at the highest level of fitness that do not follow their OWN program? What makes these folks “high level?” Is it that they are too good for general programming? OR is it that they KNOW they need individualized programming to continue to grow?

Anything and everything works for someone who has done nothing. This is no secret. We see that as people develop, they need their own specific routine to follow. Deep down, you know this, but you still resist. We hear these common responses for coaches all the time:

Coach: My clients can’t get motivated so I put them with others
James FitzGerald: instead of implementing this strategy, maybe ask why they don’t like fitness? What gets them INSPIRED instead of motivated? (motivated people push toward a goal but inspired people are pulled to their goals. It is deeper)

Coach: I believe in community and feel people should work out together
James FitzGerald: Hint hint, they still can workout together because together does not mean the exact same workout. What is stopping them from working out together?

Coach: but, but, but… It’s easier for sign ups and getting everyone in one spot to learn skills.
James FitzGerald: What are you doing coaching these folks the same movement after a year? Are they still going through the same push press skill warm up a year later? Or are they doing a new skill? If they are – where are they doing it within the class? Offer some program design options!

The goal should always be to get people fit and able. What happens when they know all the movements and they are better developed? Why not teach someone how to fish? Teach self responsibility for fitness. In the end, a common goal for people is to improve through fitness.

There is no other way to swing it…

The majority of the market will soon realize they cant get long term results after the initial honeymoon period without a PERSONALIZED, PROGRESSIVE, FUNCTIONAL program.

A program that speaks to them on where they are, what they NEED to do, based on their goals. Not someone else’s goals. NOT the new person’s goals. NOT the weight loss person’s goals. NOT the elite person’s goals. THEIRS and theirs alone.

Are you a coach that has that weird taste in your mouth? Do you follow your OWN gym’s program at lunch? My guess is, probably not. Let the truth set you free. You know it, you are afraid to say it. The same program for a lot of people over time won’t cut it for what YOU want out of it. The more you know the harder it becomes. You are aware now.

YOU want progress as you feel it as a coach. YOU want to feel competent. YOU want to feel like you are making an impact. Instead of feeling like a pawn in a game between the owners and the market. Communication between them is at an all time high. Media is stronger than you are a COACH!

You want to change things?

Santa Barbarian

Change the VALUE of the game.

Change some words. Just a few. Change them to:

– Personalized
– Progressive
– Functional

Say it a few times. Then a few more. Make it a part of your vocabulary. Changing words changes perceptions!

Bring back the COACH in fitness.

One coach. One client. One program.

The alignment of goals then works. There is responsibility held to the client and the coach in the process. Nothing gets hidden.

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