New CEO for OPEX

New CEO for OPEX

Fitness is personal.  We live in a fast-paced world that is growing more individualized every day.  Some years ago I foresaw this development and made it OPEX’s mission to provide fitness education that was not only appropriate, but outstanding.

Over the past few years you’ll have noticed that we have laid the foundations to evolve our company and it’s mission to the next level. Part of the plan has always been to rethink my leadership of the business.

What gets me out of bed in the morning is the passion I have for educating coaches and athletes.

I have long believed this is where I can be of best service, both to OPEX and coaches and athletes around the world. This being so, I’ve been looking for an exceptional business leader to devolve leadership to, someone who feels the same way about business as I do about educating coaches.

I’m grateful that the decision of who should lead the company into its next stage was an easy one; and, it’s my pleasure to announce that Jim Crowell has moved into the CEO role for OPEX.

Jim Crowell OPEX CEO

Jim’s background brings a unique contribution to OPEX Fitness.

As a Penn State grad, he spent the first 5 years of his career working in the financial world as a commodities trader for an energy hedge fund. A life-long athlete, he chose to leave the financial world in favor of opening, growing, and then selling his own fitness facilities in Pittsburgh, PA.  It was during those 4 years that he first came to OPEX, initially as a student of CCP and later, as a coach. Within weeks of him arriving in Scottsdale, he and I both knew that coaching wasn’t going to be where he would impact OPEX most effectively. Transitioning into a Business Development and Management role he thrived, providing necessary structure to the company and vital growth, particularly in the form of the OPEX Gym Licensing Program. Needless to say, we are excited for the future of OPEX with Jim at the helm. 

Jim Crowell and James Fitzgerald talking about the Individual Design

With this transition, I look forward to giving all my attention to the education of OPEX HQ coaches, OPEX CCP Coaches, OPEX Athletes, and beyond!

Our vision for OPEX and delivering the best fitness education on the market, to the world is vast. And it’s just the beginning.  Be on the lookout for the changes because while some are already here, many more are still to come.



James FitzGerald

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