The Mixed Modal Apprenticeship Recap

The Mixed Modal Apprenticeship Recap

Mixed Modal Apprenticeship

We just wrapped up the first Mixed Modal Apprenticeship in celebration of our newest course Mixed Modal. This three-day experience took place at OPEX HQ in sunny Scottsdale, AZ and was a meeting of the minds for seven top-level coaches led by James Fitzgerald. Over the three days, the apprenticeship focused on maximizing the expertise and experience of the participating coaches via, daily discussion topics, floor observation, debriefs, and AMA style sessions regarding the principles of mixed modal training. Here are what the participants had to say about the experience.

Takeaways from the Mixed Modal Apprenticeship

“I had no idea what to expect coming into this week and I was mind blown at how in-depth James goes on each topic and how important every little aspect of mixed modal training is in order to reach maximum physical potential. Probably the coolest thing of the day was the interaction between all coaches at the roundtable.  Although James led each discussion topic, the diversity of coaches and their backgrounds showed as they offered different viewpoints to each topic which pushed the discussion more in depth.”  – Kyle Livak (Contest Winner), CCP Coach (On Journey), Owner of The Hangar

“The value in the apprenticeship is the combination of a small group and the sharing of ideas. It gives you a chance to pull your thoughts together and put them into words. It’s a totally different dynamic to a traditional course.” – Todd Nief, CCP Coach, Owner, Director of Training South Loop Strength & Conditioning

“The Mixed Modal Apprenticeship has been the most rewarding educational experience of my career. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the conversation that is progressing coaching. James and the other coaches have helped me upgrade my understanding of mixed modal training and the experience has given me direction for my continued learning within the sport. It feels like the culmination of my education with OPEX Fitness up to this point. I’m excited about the future and to see what opportunities for learning and growth emerge from the principles laid out in the course.” – Ian Kaplan, CCP Coach, D.C.

All the mixed modal apprenticeship coaches

“Stepping away from coaching in the trenches has allowed me to look at the bigger picture (relating to the sport of mixed modal) and this felt like the appropriate time to bring all the coaches together to discuss and put our minds together. This apprenticeship feels like the first athlete camp, the start of something big. I appreciate all of you coming out.” – James FitzGerald Founder of OPEX Fitness, Creator of Mixed Modal

“The Mixed Modal Apprenticeship was an amazing in-person experience that outlined consistent language around the sport of mixed modal, programming principles and planning for the development of the athlete differs from traditional sport models and incorporates the best practices around the end goal of an athlete reaching maximum physical potential . . . the last 3 days have been by far one of the most interactive, individualized, and development based live experiences I’ve ever attended. Having a diverse, open, and interactive experience really was amazing.”  – Whitney Reese, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, COMT, ITPT, TPS

“The past few days have been some of the most insightful experiences I’ve had as a coach. The structure of this apprenticeship increased my knowledge and understanding of mixed modal principles through having the opportunity to talk through my interpretation of them with James and to get insights into how the other coaches utilize them.” – Carl Hardwick, CCP Coach & Director Of Operations OPEX Fitness.”

“The Mixed Modal Apprenticeship has been eye-opening, James is a master at challenging the norm and providing a clear context of what actually happens inside of athletes during a sport progression. Finally, someone is taking the bull by the horns and providing definitions to the chaos.” – Mike Lee, CCP Coach, Big Dawgs Director of Coaching 

Learn the Same Principles

During the Mixed Modal Apprenticeship, seven top-level coaches pushed the boundaries of coaching convention in a collaborative environment. Learn the principles the coaches discussed and prepare yourself for upcoming apprenticeships with the course Mixed Modal.

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