January 2020: Introducing An Upgraded CCP

January 2020: Introducing An Upgraded CCP

The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) Freshly Upgraded for 2020

OPEX founder James FitzGerald started what has now become the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) for one simple reason: 

“It began as I saw a gap in what coaches needed for real-life knowledge on fitness, and what the market wanted in fitness,” he said. 

In its early stages, it was mostly about teaching coaches specific principles, but it has evolved into teaching coaches the systematic OPEX way of doing things.

Today, with more than 3,000 graduates so far, we are confident CCP is absolutely the most effective coaching education on the market. 

“Before CCP, there was no system that comprehensively taught a coach how to work with a client effectively in real-world scenarios. There was a lot of piecemeal stuff out there—like assessment courses or weightlifting courses—but there wasn’t one program that put everything together,” explained OPEX CEO Jim Crowell. 

CCP is still the only course that mixes the physical assessment and programming side of coaching with human behavior and nutrition and with the business side of coaching.

 But what makes the CCP even more effective, Crowell said, is the brilliance of the man who founded it.

“James can take extremely complex topics and boil them down into systems that make sense, so the coach can walk out of the (course) and understand how to coach people on the floor,” Crowell explained. 

Though CCP has been a world-class education for some time, it is always, and will always be evolving. Thus, those who register for the January 2020 cohort and beyond will experience the most complete CCP yet. 

The biggest upgrade, Crowell said, is that the 2020 version will start by putting coaches through the OPEX system as if they were a client. 

“The coach will go through what clients normally go through, giving them the OPEX client experience,” Crowell said. 

“Going through the process themselves will help them have a more intuitive understanding of how to work with their clients—kind of like if you do (the workout) Murph, you’ll develop a better understanding of who a workout like that might be appropriate for,” he added. 

FitzGerald said this will help coaches understand what they’re worth, which he believes is a major problem in the industry today. 

“The biggest issue in coaching is the coach not knowing their value, and this stems from never being through an assessment process themselves,” he said. 

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Other CCP upgrades include:

  • New implementation tools and avatars for coaches to use with their clients
  • New technology to make the whole experience easier and more enjoyable 
  • New anatomy and exercise science material 
  • New human behavior and nutrition material
  • Changes to the final project to make it easier to complete a little bit faster

In terms of duration to complete the course, Crowell said the new material shouldn’t increase the total length of time it would take coaches to complete CCP. He still expects the time frame for most coaches to be 6 months to one year.

Once through CCP, Crowell believes all coaches will have the tools to go out into the world and become full-time professional career coaches.

“I always come back to Tony Robbins’ basic human needs,” Crowell explained. 

Three of these needs are growth, certainty, and significance. 

“Coaches want to grow in their knowledge so they’re certain in what they’re prescribing to their clients, so they feel significant in their community,” he said. 

This is exactly what anyone who undertakes CCP in January 2020 will have by the end of the year. 

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