James FitzGerald’s Recommended Fitness and Nutrition Books

James FitzGerald’s Recommended Fitness and Nutrition Books

James’ Best Books on Fitness, Strength Training, and Nutrition 2019 

The fitness industry is oversaturated with information and with a new trend coming about every six months or so it can be difficult to differentiate fact from fad. Thankfully in this week’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) sneak peek, OPEX Fitness Founder and 2007 CrossFit Games Champion, James FitzGerald gives us his fitness and nutrition book recommendations for 2019.

Focus on the Principles of Fitness and Nutrition

Before diving into James’ recommended reads we are going to make a suggestion. At OPEX Fitness we recommend that you, as either a coach, athlete, or general fitness enthusiast, prioritize understanding the basic principles of fitness and nutrition before diving into complex more nuanced topics. Understanding the basics will ensure that you can actually implement your knowledge. James has drilled his personal fitness and nutrition recommendations down to the basic lifestyle guidelines (BLGs) for just that reason. Learn the BLGs for yourself and get an introduction to how we educated fitness coaches here.

James’ Top Fitness and Nutrition Book Recommendations


Digestion is an essential part of daily life. Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat?” well it should be “you are what you digest”. 


We spend a third of our lives asleep. In order to optimize our daily performance, we must first optimize our sleep.


Getting sun exposure is critical for maintaining a good circadian rhythm as well as supporting a host of bodily functions.


James keeps this simple, if you want to read more about recovery it is actually not the place you need to go. Instead, make sure that the activity is right for the participant. Learn how you can assess what activity is right for your client here

Blood Flow / Move 

James recommends looking into the scientific research on the lymphatic system and does not have any recommended reads for this.


Drinking water is an essential daily practice. James recommends drinking ½ body weight in ounces of water per day and reading: 


This is a very broad topic but here is a good recommendation from James.

Work & Rest

“I can teach you how to work,” he says. James has created his own book focused on this, The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) learn more here.

About OPEX Fitness

OPEX Fitness has one mission, to provide fitness coaches with a quality education. Our coaching education reflects the beliefs of our founder, James FitzGerald, and focuses on the core principles of fitness and nutrition coaching. Get an introduction to our coaching education and learn principles that will take the guesswork out of your coaching in the free Coach’s Toolkit.


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