Intrigued By the OPEX System of Coaching?

Intrigued By the OPEX System of Coaching?

Check out our free resource page for coaching tips and tools with big impact

Looking to improve your coaching skills with the OPEX System of Coaching, but you’re not sure whether to pull the trigger on a course? A great place to start is on our Free Coaching Resources page.

Get access to the Free 7-Day OPEX Coaching Course: An Introduction to the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) that teaches the business of coaching, how to conduct consultations and assessments, how to write personalized programs, as well as the keys to holistic nourishment plans. When you sign up, you will also receive more than a dozen other resources that will help you help your clients.

You’ll also find our top coaching tools and tips for download on this page. Check back often, we are always releasing new free content.

Are you working with average lifestyle clients or high-level multi-modal clients? Do you struggle with connecting with your clients emotionally? Do you find program design challenging? Whatever your specific coaching needs are, this page has valuable education for you.

Our Free Resources include:

5 Steps to building a sustainable coaching business

If you aren’t able to make a profit, you won’t last long as a coach no matter how passionate you are about fitness. This five-part infographic will teach you the first steps in creating a sustainable and profitable coaching business.

How to build trust with your clients

If you’re a coach, you’re in the relationship business by default. If you don’t know how to develop trust with your clients, you won’t succeed. Period. This resource details three traits you must develop in order to build this necessary trust.

How to design metcons for health

Most people simply need simple conditioning for health. But what does that look like? 

This resource details six principles needed for creating metcons for health and longevity. It will help you increase your programming knowledge, help you determine effective progressions for your clients for sustainable aerobic training programs, and it also explains the rationale as to why intensity isn’t the long-term answer. As a result, you’ll be able to educate your clients why you’re not crushing them physically with intensity every day of the week, despite their desire to do just that.

Program design mistakes coaches make

While there’s no right or wrong program, per se, there are certainly common mistakes coaches make that hinder their clients’ development. This 30-minute video goes over the most important aspects of effective program design, the most common mistakes coaches make, as well as a detailed explanation of how to avoid those mistakes. 

How to organize daily training sessions

If you struggle with organizing your time during a training session, this download is for you. It breaks down the concept of concurrent training and shows how to use concurrent training to organize daily training sessions. This will help you design programs that maximize your clients’ training sessions.

How to program muscle endurance for athletes

For those coaches working with endurance athletes, this infographic is based on OPEX’s proprietary method of progressing muscle endurance: The Muscle Endurance Tree. It includes clear definitions and examples for each level of the Tree, helping you transition the theory into practice. 

Mixed modal athlete development blueprint

For those coaches working with high-level functional fitness competitors, this 13-page infographic outlines the necessary components in training an elite athlete, breaking down exactly what is required at each stage of the athlete’s development. 

Mixed modal athlete season design

Similarly, this 22-page resource goes into a sample season for an elite athlete, including four weeks of sample programming, ultimately teaching you how to organize a season of training for your high-level athlete.

21-15-9 What are you really testing?

This resource is all about the intended stimulus: What is a test trying to achieve?

Specifically, this resource looks at the classic “Fran” workout through the lens of the muscle endurance tree, essentially teaching you the importance of proper test selection, key performance indicators for this test, and an alternative test. 

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