How to Workout While Fasting

How to Workout While Fasting

How to Workout While Fasting With James FitzGerald

According to Healthline, fasting is the act of going without food by choice for a certain amount of time. While fasting by itself has a whole host of benefits there are times where working fasted can be beneficial. 

In this week’s Ask Me Anything sneak peek OPEX Fitness Founder, James FitzGerald, covers how to work out while fasting. If you are currently an OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) Coach you can submit your question for next week’s AMA here. New to OPEX Fitness? In short, we are a fitness coaching education provider, get a free introduction to our principles here.

How Should I Workout While Fasting?

First, you have to establish the goal of the workout?” All workouts are not the same, we all have different goals and whether they be to compete in functional fitness or be a better father the workout needs to reflect that goal. Get an introduction to creating exercise programs personalized for your client’s goals in this free coaching course.

When working out while fasting stick with types of workouts that doesn’t require massive amounts of fuel substrates or anything that will really pull from your energy,” says James. We recommend that when working out fasted do only good quality resistance training and sustainable aerobic work.

What Type of Workouts Should I Avoid While Fasted?

Before beginning, a fasted workout ask yourself “will this workout ask for more energy than I can give?”

James recommends avoiding complex metabolic workouts (high effort with the presence of lactate) and high volume resistance training. These types of workouts might easily push you or a client into a state where they do not have enough energy to continue the work.

Why Are You Working Out Fasted?

James, known for being a thought leader, questions the norm again. “Ask yourself or the client why are you working out fasted? If they or you are fasting for the positive benefits around longevity then why not just focus on the fast and save the workout for a time where more fuel is available.”

Working Out While Fasting Comes Down to the Client 

While working out fasted might be right for some clients it is not right for every client. What is more important than knowing whether or not your clients should workout fasted is the ability to understand their needs yourself. You can keep searching the internet for answers or build a foundation of solid coaching knowledge allowing you to create programs personalized to your clients. Start building that base of coaching knowledge with The Free Coach’s Toolkit.

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