How to Keep Client for a Lifetime

How to Keep Client for a Lifetime

10 Minutes of Fitness With James FitzGerald: The OPEX Client Life Cycle

In this weeks 10 Minutes of Fitness James FitzGerald and Micheal Pilhofer discuss the OPEX client life cycle. Check out the full episode here.

Customer vs. Client

Fitness Coaching is unique, unlike other industries, the customer relationship does not end after the marketed good or service is sold. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Successful coaching businesses are dependent on the long term health of the relationship with the client. The ability to build these long term client relationships is the differentiator between professional coaches and group class instructors.

(Coach’s Resource: Learn how to build relationships with clients that will last a lifetime in this free download.)

The OPEX Client Life Cycle

OPEX Coaches specialize in keeping clients for a lifetime. How do our coaches do this? Well, it’s our unique approach to forming deep relationships through individual design coaching (The OPEX System of Coaching). By delivering our unique Personalized Fitness service offering, our coaches teach clients self-responsibility. This self-responsibility increases retention and leads clients to work with our coaches for a lifetime as they work towards mastering physical expression.

Learn Our Method

OPEX Coaches differentiate themselves from the leagues of average coaches by teaching clients self-responsibility. Because of this our coaches have higher retention rates and are paid more than the typical group class instructor. Join our community of professional coaches and learn The OPEX System of Coaching with our newest offering The Free Professional Coaching Blueprint.


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