How to Be a Remote Health and Fitness Coach

How to Be a Remote Health and Fitness Coach

The thought of being able to relax with your feet up in some far away destination while you coach your clients online is enough to make any fitness professional want to become a remote coach. However, while there are many remote coaches in the market only a few manage to succeed in this endeavor. 

If the only barrier to entry is wifi and a laptop, then why is it so difficult to be successful as a remote coach? The reason—it’s difficult to offer a quality service remotely. But rest assured, with the right skills, it’s not impossible. Here are the four fundamental skills you need to be a successful remote coach.

Knowledge to Be a Remote Coach

First, you need to know how to coach clients and coach them well before making the jump to remote (Read about how to become an in-person fitness coach here). You wouldn’t attempt surgery without studying human anatomy and practicing for hours on end. While the stakes are less, fitness coaching is no different. You need to learn the fundamental principles of exercise progression, how to assess the needs of a client, how to form relationships with clients, and how to run your own small business. While the task of learning these skills can seem daunting, thankfully there are courses developed specifically to teach and prepare you to be a fitness coach. The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) is one of them.

Build Quality Client Relationships

To be a successful remote coach you need to master the ability of developing relationships with your clients. Your job as a coach is to communicate with your clients, and while giving them exercise programs is part of that, first and foremost, you are there to support their fitness journey. To develop a strong coach-client relationship you need to consistently communicate with them, treat them as individuals and with empathy, and show your gratitude. Learn five simple ways to strengthen your client relationships in this blog.

Provide a Consistent Service

Remote coaching is a business, and like any business, you need to deliver a consistent service. The third skill you need to be a successful remote coach is consistency. Fitness is a journey and your clients count on your support and ability to meet their expectations. To deliver a consistent service you need to send out training programs in a timely manner, respond to their questions on a regular basis, and chat face to face (virtually) monthly. Delivering a consistent service will help you retain clients and grow your business over time. Take a deep dive into how to deliver a consistent service in this article.

Build Your Client’s Autonomy 

The fourth skill you need to be a successful remote coach is the ability to create client autonomy. This may seem counterintuitive because clients that can take care of themselves won’t need you, right? However, this isn’t the case, as clients will still need you to guide them towards their long-term goals as they continually evolve. Creating client autonomy is the key to scaling your service, building your reputation, and ultimately making real change in the lives of your clients. Learn how to create self-sufficient clients in this blog.

The Formula to Success as a Remote Coach

The formula for finding success as a remote coach is straightforward—get educated, practice, and refine your service over time. But the kicker is that most coaches don’t follow through. They either lack the education, practice, or stop refining their service. With this knowledge in mind, you can avoid those pitfalls and build your own remote coaching business that stands out from the rest. Sign up for our free Professional Coaching Blueprint today and get the education you need to begin your journey to becoming a successful remote coach. 


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