How our New CoachRx Platform Will Improve Your Program Design Efficiency

How our New CoachRx Platform Will Improve Your Program Design Efficiency

For the past 10 years, we have been developing professional coaches with the skills to provide their clients with real, long-term results.

But there has always been a missing piece of the puzzle, explained OPEX CEO, Carl Hardwick.

“We needed a platform where coaches could track data based on the principles we teach in the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP). A platform that holds data in one place, rather than jumping from platform to platform,” Hardwick said. 

“We have done a great job of teaching principles. But what we have found in the last 10 years is that this was the missing piece—a simple way to house and track data that helps coaches improve program design efficiency,” he added.

That is exactly what the new CoachRx platform provides: It’s a time-saving tool made specifically for OPEX CCP coaches that allows them to become more efficient and accurate in their program design and consultations. 

It houses all client data, starting with assessment data—movement screening data, body composition data, work capacity testing data—in one place, and then provides the coach a road map of exactly how to proceed to produce results.

“So let’s say you have a female client who is 165 lb. and comes in at 32 percent body fat. CoachRx will automatically add priority to the profile to help (you build a program) to decrease body fat mass,” Hardwick explained.

“Or let’s say a client fails a squat test. Then there’s a drop-down menu that has all the common fails in a squat. They might select that the person can’t keep their torso vertical. Then they’ll be asked what the cause of that was. Let’s say they choose a lack of core strength. Then CoachRx will then prioritize this and tell the coach what to do next,” he added.

While the platform still requires the coach to use their brain and assess their clients, it provides a clear and simple “road map,” Hardwick said.

“They still have to individually design training programs. They still have to go through the process of assessing and gathering information. They still have to put their inputs into the system, but I wanted the output to be easier for the coach, rather than them having to rack their brains for an hour trying to figure out what to do next based on the information they have gathered,” he said. 

Four other takeaways from the platform:

1. Helps create more structurally balanced clients

The platform also helps coaches become more effective at programming for their clients’ structural imbalances.

For example, by entering a client’s front squat versus back squat numbers, CoachRx will flag whether there’s an imbalance between the two. Then it offers information to the coach to program in a way that will improve their client’s back squat in relation to their front squat, or vice versa.

2. Helps improve lifestyle consults

Physical training aside, CoachRx also has a place to house information about each monthly lifestyle consult.

“It provides guidance on the monthly consultations. It tells you what questions you need to ask about sleep, training, energy levels, but then it also gives the coach free range from there to ask their own additional questions,” Hardwick explained. 

“If a coach has been working with a client for three years, it will hold all of those consultations on the client’s dashboard so you can really monitor their progress,” he added.

3. Helps improve periodization efficiency 

The platform also keeps track of clients’ long term plans, so it makes building out training blocks easier.

“So if you’re in an accumulation phase, for example, it will let the coach know what should be inside that phase in terms of aerobic work versus anaerobic work and resistance training,” Hardwick said. 

4. Delivers Exercise, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Coaching in One App

CoachRx is a one-stop-shop for all of your coaching needs.

The app keeps all your information in one place—from intake and consultation data, to body, move and work assessment data, to lifestyle consult and program design data. 

Now there is no need for Coaches to switch between apps. CoachRx is the only tool needed to service clients effectively.

The future of CoachRx:

OPEX is also in the process of working with companies such as MyFitnessPal, among others, so the platform can be integrated with various other platforms, providing the coach access to all important client data, such as their nutrition or how many steps they’re logging each day.

“It just really makes the coach’s life a lot easier,” Hardwick said.

Ready to get your hands on CoachRx? 

This client management and program design platform is an exclusive feature of the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP).

Taught by industry leaders, CCP is the most comprehensive online coaching education and mentorship program. This course teaches you the OPEX Method of coaching, so you have the knowledge, skills, and systems to effectively and efficiently design long-term training programs for any client. Download the CCP Curriculum Guide to learn more.


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