How Does an OPEX Gym Work with its Clients?

How Does an OPEX Gym Work with its Clients?

Individual Design Facilities with Professional Coaches

In order to understand how an OPEX Gym works, we must first understand what Individual Design is.


Because the principles of Individual Design inform much of the way in which an OPEX Gym is run. This training methodology is best defined by being more effective than group classes and more engaging than personal training.

Essentially, each coach has a roster of clients that they are accountable and program for on a regular basis. While the coach doesn’t babysit their clients on the gym floor as a personal trainer does, they do provide regular feedback to the client in an app called FitBot. This application creates the framework of a successful relationship between the coach and the client by streamlining communication. Not only that, coaches always have a monthly consultation with each of their clients on a variety of subjects from lifestyle adjustments to nutritional advice.

The customer’s experience with an OPEX Gym starts when they either pick or are assigned a coach. This coach takes the client through a comprehensive assessment, the purpose of the assessment is to determine the client’s level of fitness. With their experience and ability established, the coach can then begin to construct the entirety of that client’s entire fitness regimen.

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