How Do You Scale

How Do You Scale

Scaling is a conversation that is unique in the realm of fitness coaching.


Because many gym owners don’t recognize the realities involved with scaling a business. While getting bigger may mean more clients, it also means more work. In order to scale your gym, you must first optimize your business systems.

“You need to think about scaling in terms of how it benefits the system to get bigger. What you really need to think about are you need to put systems into place, that as you have more people in terms of clients, you actually have a better system.

At the end of the day, how does that happen? It starts with little by little things and as you get really solidified, those systems can become automated. Instead of you writing everything down with a pen and paper, maybe you get a CRM system because you can actually manage clients in an automated way or an emailed automated way. If I have somebody opting in for some content, instead of me emailing them something, maybe I have a system that automates the email. That looks more like scale because the more people that are opting in, the more emails that are going out automatically assuming you set it up correctly, and the more people that can become your clients. That’s a good thing.” Former OPEX Fitness CEO Jim Crowell

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