Business isn't Rainbows and Butterflies

Business isn't Rainbows and Butterflies

Jim Crowell knows how to run a gym in which the client, coach, and owner all succeed.

As the director of business development and management here at OPEX, Crowell helps coaches and owners develop. Jim has learned a great deal since his initial foray into the CrossFit “group” fitness concept and the problems associated with that business model.

Running a business is difficult, and requires a lot of systems and tracking data. However, this industry is extremely fulfilling and profitable if gym owners are willing to adapt to the changing market demands.

His one piece of advice for affiliate owners? Find ways to measure what’s “happening” inside your business. Without methods to assess, you will not develop culture or long term success. Just guessing is not a sustainable way to build in any fitness model.

Business is not all rainbows and butterflies.

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