How Do I Compete with Other Gyms?

How Do I Compete with Other Gyms?

Jim Crowell, former OPEX CEO, Answers



It may seem counterintuitive, but the first step towards competing with other gyms is realizing the competition exists to begin with. Too many gym owners recognize this too late as they lose their client base to rival gyms or services.

Not only is the fitness industry incredibly competitive, it’s also very filled with hundreds of different competitors. The only way to combat this and rise to the top is to develop a unique service. But to sell a unique service you need to determine what makes you unique you first need to understand that you are competing with hundreds of other gyms!  Funny how that works.

In the age of social media and little patience for incompetence, ‘good’ doesn’t cut it anymore. Once you understand how your brand and service fits into the local market can you begin to craft a marketing strategy to dominate the competition and bring in more clients.

In our work with hundreds of gyms around the world, the lack of understanding of how to compete with other gyms, is one of the major problems gym owners face.

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