Don’t Forget Lifestyle: A 4-Step Process to Implement Healthy Habits

Don’t Forget Lifestyle: A 4-Step Process to Implement Healthy Habits

Written by Carl Hardwick

As coaches, we know the importance of exercise in achieving our clients' fitness goals. But it's equally, if not more, important to understand the role of lifestyle habits in achieving sustainable success. That's why at OPEX, we want our coaches to put the same care and attention into creating lifestyle programs as we do exercise programs.

Our Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLGs) include alignment, energy, food, hydration, movement, sunshine, sleep, and poop. Each of these guidelines plays a crucial role in achieving optimal health and fitness. However, it's not enough to simply provide our clients with a list of BLGs and hope they adhere to them. We need a process in place to effectively implement these guidelines.

In the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP), coaches learn a four-step process for implementing the BLGs:

  1. Assess: The first step is to assess where our clients sit relative to each BLG. We do this through the intake and consultation process. By understanding their current habits and behaviors, we can identify areas that need improvement.
  2. Identify: Once we've assessed our clients, we identify where there are deficiencies in their lifestyle habits. What BLGs are lacking? This step helps us understand which areas need the most attention.
  3. Prioritize: With so many BLGs to work on, it can be overwhelming for our clients. That's why we must prioritize which BLGs will have the most impact relative to their goals and capabilities to be compliant against the prescription. We focus on the lowest-hanging fruit, the habits that will have the most significant impact.
  4. Prescribe: Finally, we prescribe the habit through CoachRx. We agree on the prescription with our clients, provide strategies for success, and check-in weekly to ensure they are compliant and identify any necessary shifts in the prescription.

By implementing this four-step process, we can help our clients achieve their lifestyle goals in the same way we help them achieve their fitness goals. By focusing on small, consistent changes and building strong habits, we can help them achieve long-term sustainable success.

It's crucial to treat exercise and lifestyle prescribing with the same care and attention. By implementing a process to effectively implement the BLGs, we can help our clients achieve their desired outcomes in a sustainable, lasting way.

In CCP, I teach coaches the science, principles and systems they need to deliver a holistic coaching service. This includes building and progressing sustainable habits inside and outside of the gym. It’s only through this complete approach to coaching that we can truly make an impact on the health of our communities. 

CCP - Simplify program design
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