Create Your Gym's Culture and Seal Your Success

Create Your Gym's Culture and Seal Your Success

Three simple steps to building a positive culture in your gym.

Culture is a shared set of values and perceptions. Playing out across continents, nations, groups, offices and most definitely gyms, culture is the most important factor in the long term success of a business, next to its business model. But what are three simple steps you can take to build the culture of your gym?

Step 1: Create a mission statement

Creating a mission statement, a sentence or two that clearly sets up what business you’re in and what your goals and objectives are, is a critical first step in establishing your gym’s culture. While a mission statement helps communicate who you are to the outside world, at an employee level it provides direction and focus. Create a mission statement that your coaches fully buy into and you’ve not only got a committed staff dedicated to helping the gym achieve its goals, but the beginnings of a happy, productive work culture.

Step 2: Attract top talent with your mission

Having a clearly defined mission statement helps in creating a positive work culture, and that culture will in-turn serve to attract the talented people you need to not only grow the culture, but your gym too. Gifted coaches with a good understanding of their own worth want more than a salary, they want to work in a gym that feels like it fits their personalty. If you’ve created an enviable culture, those talented coaches will seek you out.

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Step 3: Look after your talent and your talent will look after you

While early on your mission statement will shape the gym’s culture from the top down, as you scale and attract your A team, you’ll notice that your gym’s culture will start to shape itself from the bottom up. To ensure the culture that’s being shaped continues to be a favorable one, the final step is simple: treat your team well. From communicating with clarity and integrity to developing them with training and mentoring, continue to nurture your crew and that crew will grow the culture enthusiastically.

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There are only two main ways to build a gym’s culture: consciously with intent or, by contrast, organically, giving it little or no thought. Given culture’s role in keeping your gym on track to achieve its goals, as Jim Crowell, Former OPEX Fitness CEO says, “If you’re looking to create a hard working, dedicated culture – good luck doing that if you’ve let a relaxed culture naturally emerge in your gym. You need to be intentional. Come up with a culture that everyone aligns with and is hired against. When you’re in the fox hole it doesn’t matter what you’re good it. It matters what you believe in.”


To learn more about what a good gym with a healthy culture looks like, check out the OPEX Gyms page.

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