Client Training Program: Murat Erbaytan

Client Training Program: Murat Erbaytan

Murat Erbaytan is a masters athlete who started with OPEX HQ Head Coach Matt Connolly back in May.  He came to us with a partial labral tear, meaning he has certain limitations in shoulder movement.

Over the past couple months we’ve been spending time on correct breathing, positioning, strict gymnastics, locomotive movement patterns alongside varied grip pulling work and prehab work incorporated into each session.

We’ve been able to reduce his pain and get him to the point where he is comfortable his Olympic lifts and we’ll look to progressively layer in more gymnastic density over time.
This is a priority session for him where we’re focusing on creating consistency around his Olympic lifts at submaximal percentages, along with volume in his front squats.

In his upper body pulling movements we vary his grip to ensure the health of his shoulders, and also incorporate elements of straight arm strength and anterior core development in the tail end of his session.


A) Deadbug Wall Push:
15 reps, slow and controlled. Exhale on the lowering of the leg and keep pushing hard into the wall. 

B) Snatch:
Every 2:00 for 7 sets

1.1 reps @ 130#-140#

Rest 7-10s between reps

– video first and last set from the side

135# across the sets

C1) Front Squat:
[3.3.3]x4; rest 10s/2:30

225# across all sets

C2) Mixed Grip Pull-Up:
[3.3] Reps- rest 10s

3-3 all sets

D) 5 Sets:
4 Single Arm KB Push Press/side
Rest 10s
40m Single Arm Suitcase Carry/side
Rest 10s
30s FLR Hold on Rings
Rest 60s


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