Client Training Program : Madi Glass

Client Training Program : Madi Glass
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Madi Glass is a high school Onsite Coaching Client here in Scottsdale.  She is coached by Head Coach Michael Bann.  Her priorities are a linear progression in basic barbell lifts with unilateral work for accessory training

No multi-directional skill work yet due to not having the pre-requisite strength for connective tissue, next phase beginning June 1 is the stage in which we develop plyometric capacity.

She is 14 years old, 130 pounds, deadlifts 200 pounds for 1RM, can back squat 150 pounds for 1, focus is on unilateral work to help develop multi-directional speed deceleration moving into acceleration phases of training.

A) Sumo Deadlift:


B) Romanian Deadlift:
4-6 x3; Rest 90 seconds 

83×6, 93×6, 83×6

C) Graviton Pull Up:
Cluster; 3.2.1 x3; Rest 90 Seconds

120×5, 105×5, 105×4

D) Push Ups:
4-6×3; Rest 2:00

4 holes up 6 all reps

E) 3 sets:
80 foot VC
rest/walk 2:00

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