The Benefits of Breath Control

The Benefits of Breath Control

Coach Mike Lee coaching a mixed modal athlete.

Breathing the Underrated Solution

“We do it thousands of times per day. It’s literally the difference between life and death, assisting with posture, stress, mood, digestion, athletic potential, and capacity. Yet most athletes have no idea how to breathe optimally . . .” Athlete Daily sat down with Big Dawgs Coach Mike Lee to talk about the most underrated solution for better health, endurance, and athletic performance – breathing. 

Build Capacity with Breath Control

Building capacity is not overly complicated. The breath is controlled by the diaphragm, the principle muscle used in respiration and like any muscle it can be trained. If you are looking to build capacity, keep it simple at first, an hour-long brisk walk focusing on breath control is a great place to start. Breath control is a go-to method for building capacity and an essential before testing it in a mixed setting. Learn how breath control can lead to better health, endurance, and athletic performance with James FitzGerald’s latest course Mixed Modal.

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