CCP Life Coaching at BK Athletics

CCP Life Coaching at BK Athletics

aug 19

This guy!!! – Ben Kelly and me

Ben Kelly of BK Athletics hosted James and I along with an incredible group of coaches in Fairfield, Connecticut this past weekend for our Life Coaching and Nutrition modules.

What struck me once again is how many coaches there are out there who want to learn and grow so they can best serve their clients.  They come to our courses and hear a lot of new thoughts, ideas, and principles.  They engaged in coaching practices, communication and brainstorming sessions in order to expand their perspectives and learn from one another.  And what they tell me at the end of the course is that they are fundamentally changed, their eyes have been opened to the nuances of people and the differences that exist between us all.  Their coaching bandwidth has been expanded because their capacity to coach a variety of people has been stretched.

On top of that, one of my great joys of teaching is seeing CCP coaches like Ben who have already taken the courses in the past and are sitting in a second (or third or fourth) time and nodding their heads in deep understanding.  They’ve had time to integrate what they’ve learned and practice it in a real world setting.  Their eyes have become accustomed to seeing those nuances in people and they can relate what we are saying in our class discussions to how powerful of an impact it has on their coaching practice day to day.   They have been fundamentally changed and seeing the course again gives them an opportunity to get things on a deeper level still.

I want to say thank you to Ben for hosting and to our students for their participation.  Looking forward to the next one!


Sharon Prete
CCP Life Coaching Co-Conductor

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