Individualized Coaching Is Here To Stay

Individualized Coaching Is Here To Stay


Ask any Games athlete “Who is your coach? Who does your programming?”

9 times out of 10, you will get a different response.

Amanda Goodman works with James FitzGerald.

Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir and Matt Fraser work with Ben Bergeron.

Team OPEX works with Coaches Robin Lyons and Mike Lee.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet and Team Invictus work with CJ Martin.

Jason Khalipa has worked with Chris Hinshaw for his endurance.

Noah Ohlsen works with Dusty Hyland.

The list goes on.

It’s safe to say that nearly every single athlete in the competitive arena at the CrossFit Games this year is working with their own individualized coach in some capacity—Someone writing their daily programming; Someone watching and evaluating their videos; Someone telling them when to work, when to rest, how hard to go in each specific workout.

This a radical shift from just a few years ago (think back to even 2011, 2012) when most athletes responded, “I just do CrossFit.”

The training for the sport as a whole was just unorganized.

In fact, just up until most recently, it always has been.

CrossFit was founded back at the turn of the century, on the notion of “constantly varied” movements—one of its primary pillars.

Glassman has said it himself—he put two random movements together (thrusters and pull-ups), performed them in a descending rep-scheme fashion (21-15-9), and voila, flat on his back, Fran was born.

Since then, CrossFit in and of itself has always comprised completely randomized training, with no real measure for linear fitness improvement, outside of the benchmark Girls and Hero workouts.

We at OPEX know and realize this is why CrossFit is so appealing to so many—intensity, a ‘real workout’, that ‘extra push’ they weren’t giving themselves in the gym prior to realizing what a good butt-kicking really means.  And we do not argue that intensity is a valuable asset to add to your own workout and fitness endeavors—a key factor that separates globo gym rats and smoothie-sipping gym socializers, from the driven and determined athletic endeavors of an individual performing 7-minute AMRAP or 200-meter row sprint intervals x 10 with 90-100% effort.

But, more and more individuals are beginning to realize that, in order to really win, hang, or survive and, to reach their personal goals, to be really great, they need an individualized coach.

While many of these individuals coming to this realization are athletes (competitors, elite leaders of the sport), it is only a matter of time before the general population of people who take their fitness seriously realize they TOO can benefit from having their own coach.

Remote Coaching is the ‘next frontier’, the evolution, of this thing we love, CrossFit. And while group classes are ‘fun’ and promote community, remote coaching can and does actually occur within a group setting as well.

The primary difference?

The individuals in the gym are actually getting better, working towards their personal goals and have an individual (a coach) 100% invested in them and getting them ‘there’ (wherever ‘there’ is), be it:

  • Fitness goal achievement, competition wins, potential realized
  • Weight/mass gain and body fat loss
  • Making the ‘impossible’ possible
  • More productive in their life’s work
  • Enhanced energy
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Living long and prospering
  • And more

Do you currently work with a coach?

How have you benefited if so?

If not, what’s holding you back from getting a coach?

OPEX specializes in individualized coaching of people who take their fitness seriously through our Exclusive Coaching program. Find out how Exclusive Coaching could work for you. E-mail Carrie with any questions you have or to get connected with your own coach today.

A coach yourself, but want to be a better coach? Learn how to genuinely change the lives of those you work with, and add more to your clients’ workout routines than just completely randomized programming. OPEX’s self-paced Coaches Certificate Program specializes in creating the ‘total coach’, and takes coaches through a series of five in-depth modules over the course of about a year, teaching them to be ‘better coaches’ through:

  • Assessment
  • Program Design
  • Nutrition
  • Life Coaching
  • And, Business Systems

Courses are offered both online (distance learning) and in-person as well. Carrie can help get you started or answer any questions you may have. You can also see a list of our upcoming in-person modules here.

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