3 Reasons You Need to Assess

3 Reasons You Need to Assess

10 minutes of fitness with James FitzGerald, Lean Mass is misunderstood

The 3 Reasons Why Coaches Need To Assess A Client

Here are three reasons why coaches need to conduct an assessment pulled from the latest episode of 10 Minutes of Fitness where James FitzGerald and Michael Pilhofer sit down to discuss “why the assessment is the truth”.

Create an understanding of their abilities

By conducting a thorough assessment both the coach and the client get a clear understanding of what the client is capable of. This will quickly ground any fantasies goals the client may have and enable a focused conversation on goals, progression, and appropriate timelines and trade-offs. The assessment is the coach’s chance to help the client fall in love with the long game and the progress they will make over time.

Build the best relationship possible

In order to create the best experience possible for the client, the coach has to get to know them. They need to understand what makes them tick, how do they respond to feedback, how do they communicate. By conducting an in-depth assessment the coach will begin to form the coach-client relationship and the foundation for the best results possible.

It keeps the coach honest

The assessment keeps the coach honest. By grounding programs in data coaches will learn what works and what does not. This will help coaches refine their craft over time and give them a realistic expectation of progressions.

As a large proponent of the assessment James decided to create his own and titled it the OPEX Assessment. Assessing body composition, movement patterns, and work capacity, it is the culmination of James’ theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. Learn the basics of the OPEX Assessment for yourself in our free Professional Coaching Blueprint. Sign up and take the next step in your coaching career, today.


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