10 Steps to Getting Your First Clients

10 Steps to Getting Your First Clients

How to attract your first clients

Simple Steps To Bring In Your First Clients

Quitting your day job and launching your career as a professional coach may sound easy. But, for most new coaches actually finding clients to work with is harder than it seems. With more than 20 years of experience in the coaching industry, we (OPEX Fitness) have learned what works, and what doesn’t. Here are ten steps we use to help coaches get their first clients and your next few as well.

(Coach’s Resource: Get the education you need to begin your career as a fitness coach with this free introductory course.)

1) Setup a programming platform – Coaches need a programming platform to deliver their services, we recommend TrueCoach.

2) Setup your billing system – This is how you will receive payment from clients, set your monthly rate and create contracts for however long you feel comfortable.

3) Sign up family members first – Talk to family members that are serious about their fitness and sign them up. Do not sign up more than two initially because it could lead to a biased experience.

4) Sign up friends – Reach out to your network of friends, again we recommend signing up no more than two because of biases.

5) Look for remote clients – Use your family and friends to reach out to others that would be interested in working with you remotely. Remote clients are easier to work with since you do not have to provide physical space.

6) Recruit via social media – Use your personal Facebook, Instagram, and/or LinkedIn profiles and begin to create content that will attract your existing social audiences.

7) Create some standard operating procedures – Now that you have some clients create standard operating procedures for how to work with these clients. This can involve but is not limited to marketing tactics, programming, and consultation schedules.

8) Coach for three months at least – This will give you an accurate representation of what life as a professional fitness coach is like.

9) Analyze your success – Analyze the success of coaching according to your metrics of success.

10) Turn it into a business – If you are having success it may be time to take the next step. Learn how to develop as a professional coach with the free OPEX 7-Day Coaching Course.

With your first clients in hand, it is time to start honing your skills. Thankfully you are in the right place. OPEX Fitness has created a free course, the 7-Day OPEX Coaching Course, specifically for coaches like you. Based on the OPEX System of Coaching (business, consultation, assessment, program design, and nourishment) this is truly a one-stop shop for your coaching needs. Start honing your coaching skills by signing up for the 7-Day OPEX Coaching Course, today.


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