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Movement is vital to being human.

As coaches, we tend to make movement more complex than we need to. Our body moves based on where we are today, how we’ve moved in the past, and what we do on a daily basis. We are born with appropriate ranges of motion, it’s what we do that allows us to hang on to it, or lose it. As coaches, we are here to restore and enhance functional movement.

Now more than ever, coaches need:

  • To understand the “why” behind movement deficiencies
  • The ability to take what they know from anatomy and apply it to real-world coaching
  • Confidence to create the right program based on their client’s assessment data

If you want a deeper dive into the science of human movement and how to connect it to coaching, Programming: Movement is the right course for you.

Programming: Movement teaches you:

knowledge and tools

Knowledge and tools to immediately enhance your coaching practice.

coach and cue each pattern

How to coach and cue each pattern of movement.

how to build a program

How to build a program to improve movement deficiencies.

scientific understanding to OPEX's movement

A scientific understanding of OPEX’s ground-up approach to movement program design.

Whitney Reese Programming Movement Instructor

Bridging the gap between academia and the practice of coaching

Over 20 years in fitness, OPEX has educated over 10,000 coaches world-wide.

Now, Dr. Whitney Reese, with her unique background as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and an OPEX CCP Coach, joins the OPEX team of instructors. Whitney has served as faculty at several universities and on numerous professional committees. In addition to her teaching role, she currently owns her own company, coaches for OPEX Round Rock and Big Dawgs remote coaching, and is the OPEX Programming: Movement instructor.

Whitney competed in the CrossFit Games, is a 6x Regionals competitor, participated in the NPGL Combine, and is the Texas State Champion for the 63 kg weight class in the snatch, clean and jerk, and the total. She also competed and placed in the top 10 at USAW Nationals and American Open.

Through both her clinical, athletic and personalized fitness coaching experience, Whitney bridges the gap between academia and the practice of coaching.

Learn frameworks for observing, describing, assessing, understanding, and incorporating movement into your clients’ fitness program. This online course breaks down the complex science behind movement and then simplifies it for you to use in real-world scenarios with your clients.

Programming Movement Booklet

What You’ll Learn:

  • The science behind movement to support implementation
  • How to assess movement
  • How to link movement faults with their fixes
  • How to design training programs based on movement discrepancies
  • How to coach and cue patterns of movement
Whitney demonstrating assessing movement


Understanding Movement

You will learn the different systems of the human body and how they relate to human movement and exercise. This gives you a deeper, psychological understanding of what you are seeing in your coaching practice and informs your protocols to improve movement.

Describing Movement

You will learn the basics of human anatomy and dig specifically into how the joints and tissues impact human movement. By understanding human anatomy, you will be able to problem solve at a deeper level in coaching, assessing, and cueing movement, as well as designing training programs.

Assessing Movement

You will learn the principles of assessing and how to assess clients across all patterns of human movement. As a coach you must have a starting point to design a training program. This module gives you the ability to assess clients to provide the answers you need to design training programs for results.

Incorporating Movement

You will learn the principles of improving movement quality and how to design training programs that improve movement. Having a base of understanding that is built on principles makes going from theory to application seamless. After this module you will immediately upgrade your movement progressions and ultimately your program designs.

Implementing Movement

You will learn to coach and cue your clients in all patterns and how to best program movement. Having knowledge is only one step, you must also be able to practice what you’ve learned in program design and on the gym floor. Upon completion of this module you will be able to effectively coach your clients and understand how to design proper movement training programs.

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What’s Included:

  • 92 Online Video Lectures
  • 82 Pages of Downloadable Notes
  • 16 Assessment Protocols
  • 26 lessons on how to coach and cue patterns of movement
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Course Forum Access
  • Free 30-Day Access to the Exclusive OPEX Coaching Conversations
OPEX Digital Programming Movement Course

What others have to say:

“If you don’t truly understand the human body, you are limited in how to correct movement. However many courses I’ve taken don’t bridge the gap between the science and the actual coaching of real people. Finally, a course made for those who coach fitness.”

– Mischa Jemionek

“This course gave me the tools to come to a solution faster, whereas other courses taught to be reactionary to movement. There are times when knees out cueing just doesn’t work, and before this course, I was limited with tools to actually fix the root cause of the issue.”

– Mark Brockhurst

“I took this course out of my own interest in functional movement. I would not let a mechanic fix my car if they do not understand the nuanced inner workings of it. I now feel the same way about who is coaching human movement, even if you’re like me coaching yourself.”

– Trevor James


How long does it take to complete?

The work-at-your-own-speed course is entirely online, and includes case studies and a number of videos that range between 45 seconds and 3 minutes, and over 10 hours of total course time. Moreover, the course also includes an in-depth written manual for those who want to dig deeper.

How long will I have access?

There is no deadline for this course, which allows you to study at your own pace and keep accessing it well beyond completion.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, we offer a payment plan of 8 payments of $95.

CCP Move vs. Movement Specialty Course

OPEX CCP Move provides coaches with the essential movement screen that directly informs the do’s and don’ts in program design.

Programming: Movement takes a deep dive into movement patterns such as: understanding movement – 2 vs 1 joint patterns, movement inefficiencies, what happens at a nervous system level with movements, breaking down of nuances of specific movements, and more.

CCP coaches, this will give you more tools in your tool belt so you are able to anticipate compensatory patterns before they become an issue.

Will I get a specialist certificate if I am not a CCP coach?

Only OPEX CCP coaches who complete our OPEX Speciality Courses will receive the title Programming: Movement Specialist. If you are starting with our Programming: Movement Speciality Course, we welcome to enroll in CCP and upon completion of CCP you will receive your specialist cert. Coaches that are not OPEX CCP Coaches will receive a Certificate of Completion after finishing the Specialty Course.

Do I need to have taken CCP before I enroll in Programming: Movement

You are not required to complete CCP before enrolling in Programming: Movement; however, CCP provides fundamental, baseline knowledge referenced within Programming: Movement. We do recommend bundling Programming: Principles if you do not have a solid foundation in strength and conditioning.

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