This download includes:

  • Case studies and sample program designs
  • What tempo is and how it can help you write better programs
  • The best tempos to use for different training goals, from building muscle to developing absolute strength
  • Bonus videos to show you tempo in action
Download the guide now and start writing more effective resistance training programs.

Using Tempo for Better Strength Programs Download Now

If you want to write effective strength training programs then there is one exercise principle that you should never forget: tempo.

By prescribing and manipulating four little numbers you can drastically alter the stimulus of a training session, either to get the results you want or miss the mark completely.

In this FREE guide, you’ll learn what tempo training is, why it’s important and how to apply it to five different training goals: absolute strength, motor control, hypertrophy, power, and muscle endurance.

To help you become a tempo expert, we’ve included bonus videos and sample program designs so you understand how to put tempo into action.

Download the guide now and start writing

personalized strength programs with confidence