In order to succeed as a professional fitness coach you’ll need to grasp what absolute strength is and how to program for it. Inside this free, 20-page document we’ll walk you through the essentials of absolute strength, a sample 5-week training program, and an understanding of how absolute strength creates a solid foundation for training clients on the entirety of the strength continuum. Download this free guide, and get an inside look at how OPEX Fitness coaches design programs for their clients.

Programming for
absolute strength

take your clients’ fitness to the next level

Use this guide to understand and program for absolute strength. You’ll get:

  • A 5-week sample training guide
  • Competence in applying absolute strength training to your next program design
  • The list of benefits related to absolute strength training for your gen pop clients and athletes
  • An overview of how absolute strength creates the foundation for training the strength continuum

As a professional coach, your reputation hinges on your ability to design fitness programs tailored to your clients’ goals. Without an understanding of how to program absolute strength, you will be unable to design comprehensive fitness programs. Download your guide today and develop a working knowledge of absolute strength training.

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