This download includes:

  • A three-part framework for long-term program design
  • Videos to help you understand the intention behind each program
  • Sample client avatar, including training split and periodization
  • How to identify client priorities from fitness assessments

Long-Term Exercise Programming and Planning Guide Download Now

Programming for specific goals can sometimes seem like guesswork, and long-term planning often leaves coaches feeling overwhelmed.

That’s why we created this FREE guide—to show you that with the right systems, long-term program design can be possible and fun!

In the guide, you’ll learn our three-part approach to program design strategy, including how to identify client priorities, design training splits, and layout macro, meso, and micro cycles. 

Then, join OPEX CEO and program design master, Carl Hardwick, as he walks you through how to implement this strategy with a detailed example client video.

Download the guide now and build confidence, efficiency, and results with your long-term fitness programs.