What’s Included

The free download, Program Design Strategy: Prioritize, Plan, Periodize, details three parts of our fundamental strategy for designing individualized programs.

Join OPEX COO and program design wizard, Carl Hardwick, in the accompanying video as he walks you through the implementation of this strategy with a sample client. Download now and learn how to strategically design a program that prepares you and your client to succeed in the long-term.

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Learn Our Fundamental Program Design Strategy Download Now

Prioritize, Plan, Periodize

In this download you will learn:

  • How to design long-term programs.
  • The fundamentals of prioritizing, planning, and periodizing programs.
  • How the assessment influences program design.
  • The art of designing a program around your client’s goals.


Imagine being able to write a year-long individualized program for your client. Learn to do just that when you download our Program Design Strategy: Prioritize, Plan, Periodize, today.