Is it possible to increase strength & aerobic fitness at the same time?

The best fitness programs are designed to include both resistance and aerobic training. Knowing where to start and how to progress both of these elements can feel overwhelming if you don’t have a roadmap to follow.

That’s where our new free guide, Patterns & Pacing Roadmap, comes in.

In this guide you’ll learn a systematic approach to simultaneously progressing both functional strength and aerobic fitness in a well-rounded program, both in the short and long term.

Download the guide and learn a simpler, step-by-step approach to balanced program design that you can start using today.

Patterns & Pacing Workouts

Patterns & Pacing Roadmap Download Now


What’s in the guide?

  • The Patterns & Pacing Roadmap
  • A progressive framework for aerobic energy systems training
  • A better approach to assessing & prescribing resistance training
  • Long & short-term programming for resistance + energy systems training
  • A client avatar to show the principles in use!
Example chart from Patterns & Pacing