Every athlete can benefit from a bodybuilding-style of training. Functional Bodybuilding isn’t just about body composition, though it certainly helps, it gives your athletes the foundation to improve their potential for years in fitness.

Learn how to write a program that can withstand the demands of CrossFit

For many years, OPEX has been using Functional Bodybuilding to help athletes build the foundation to perform at their best in competitive fitness.

Inside the download you’ll find:

  • The three steps to success in Functional Bodybuilding
  • The eight key fitness principles behind Functional Bodybuilding
  • How to assess athletes to know where to begin with their program
  • How to use isolation and tempo work to meet the needs of the individual and sport
  • Progressions to increase training volume and build strength in a balance
  • Where Functional Bodybuilding fits into a year-long training cycle
  • An 8-week training plan

Functional Bodybuilding develops the vital physical components all athletes demand.

Functional Bodybuilding benefits include:

  • Managing inflammation to enhance recovery between workouts
  • Developing motor control to increase skills in the gym
  • Building strength that is critical to progression in fitness and sport
  • Enhancing function to succeed in all aspects of life
  • Balancing to the nervous system to improve both short and long-term results

And we know better than anyone. Not only did we coin the term, we’ve trained thousands of successful athletes using this methodology. Now it’s your turn to learn the principles of Functional Bodybuilding.



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