Why Are Walking Lunges So Hard?

Why Are Walking Lunges So Hard?

walking lunge

How many times have we said that? But, back in the day when I first began exercising, lunges were so simple and inconspicuous.

What we have to remember is that when the flavor changes on lunges, so does the DOSE RESPONSE. Doing 400m of walking lunges for time is completely different than 5 rounds for time of 30 double unders (DU’s), 20 walking lunges and 15 Kettlebell Swings (KBS), which is completely different than 3 sets with 90 sec rest in between of 20 walking lunges at a tempo. How “hard” one finds lunges is largely based on body mechanics, experience and current ability level.

(As a tangent – I’ll never forget my LAST competitive crossfit.com 400m walking lunges workout. I kneeled onto a ground based wasp’s nest and was stung at rep (or meter) 243. I can tell you that those last 157 reps got me one of the best times on the site that day.)



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