What is an EMOM and Three Sample Workouts

What is an EMOM and Three Sample Workouts

How to Use EMOMs in Training

The EMOM is a common sight in CrossFit and functional fitness gyms around the world. But while EMOMs are used widely, they are often programmed without a clear intent and used just to fit lots of work into a short period of time. Here’s three distinctive ways this versatile tool can be used effectively in program design.

What is an EMOM?

EMOM is short for every minute on the minute. The term refers to workouts in which a round of exercises begins at the start of each new minute for a specified number of minutes. These workouts are unique because they are time sensitive and give the coach control over the work to rest ratio.

The Best Uses for EMOMs

EMOMs are commonly used as a method of creating fatigue in a workout because of the limited rest interval. However, an EMOM is a versatile tool that can be used in multiple types of training including weight training, aerobic work and skill development. The later examples will highlight how the EMOM can be used for each.

How to Create EMOM Workouts

Before creating an EMOM workout there needs to be a starting point and a goal in mind. The starting point is the client’s current ability, determined during the assessment, and the goal is the desired response from the training. 

(Coach’s Tip: Before you can begin creating a workout you need to understand the client’s current abilities. Learn how to assess your client’s abilities in our free coaching course.)

EMOMs for Weight Training

EMOMs lend themselves quite well to weight training because of the ability to control the work to rest ratio. They are often used for building density in training that is moderate in intensity. Learn more about how to manipulate volume and intensity in this free download. Popular weight training lifts for EMOMs include deadlifts, squats, and cleans. 

Example Weight Training EMOM: 

8 Minute EMOM: 

2 Front Squats @ 70-75% of front squat one rep maximum.

EMOM for Aerobic Work

Aerobic training is another great use for the EMOM. The repeating intervals of this type of workout is the perfect environment for building aerobic volume in sustainable intervals. When training the aerobic system this way, remember to keep the training repeatable so it does not become anaerobic lactic work. 

A great way to ensure the training is aerobic is to use intraset repeatability. Pick a metric such as calories or watts that measures the amount of work done in the interval and make sure it is repeatable for every interval.

Example Aerobic EMOM:

30 Minute EMOM:

8 Calories on the AirBike @ 60 RPM

EMOM for Skill Work

The third way an EMOM can be used is for skill development. The EMOM works well for this because of how it controls the work to rest ratio. This method can be used for beginners up to advanced clients as workouts can be written in different ways to either develop the skill by itself, under fatigue, in a mixed environment, and in a mixed environment under fatigue.

Example EMOM Skill Work:

16 Minute EMOM:

Minute 1 – 20 Double-unders

Minute 2 – Slow Spin on an AirBike

When to Create an EMOM

EMOMs–clients love them because they’re entertaining, and coaches love to create them because they require skill. But, while anybody can create an EMOM, only advanced coaches can create effective EMOMs.

What’s the difference between an effective EMOM and one that just burns the client out? Intent.

Intent is the act of creating a workout with a specific goal in mind. This is how the best coaches in the industry create results for their clients. Get the knowledge you need to create programs with intent in our free coaching course, the Professional Coaching Blueprint. Sign up today and start creating workouts with intent.



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