Tennil Reed’s Training For the CrossFit Season: March 2nd 2018

Tennil Reed’s Training For the CrossFit Season: March 2nd 2018

Tennil Reed is preparing to crush the CrossFit Open 18.2

AM Session

AM Session

A) Strict MU negatives: 2,2,2,2,2; rest as needed – weight these this week!

B1) Semi supinated chest to bar pull ups: @11X1; 2,2,2,2,2; rest 30 sec

B2) Strict dip + Top of dip hold: 3 reps @22X1 + 30 sec top of dip hold; rest 2 min

C) Split Jerk: 1.1.1 – every 3:00 x 6 sets – building from 185#

D) Push Press: 2,2,2,2,2RM; rest 2-3 min

E) 4 sets skill based:
4 DH2I – PERFECT 2 sec pause at top
30 sec HS hold freestanding
20m double KB FR walk – 2pd/h
rest walk 1 min

12 ring push ups @21X1
rest 30 sec
12 DB bent over cable fly/arm
rest walk 2 min
x 2 sets


PM Session

A) Row:
Row 150m @80%
Row 150m @90%
Row 150m @95%
rest walk 90 sec
x 8
15-20 min play 18.2
Cool down 15 min
5 min shake or EASY recovery T

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