Strategies for Social Media

Strategies for Social Media


OPEX Fitness CEO Jim Crowell Answers

“Social media can be used for a myriad of different purposes. You can be building awareness, so just getting people to understand that you exist. You can actually be trying to have conversations with people, meaning engaging them, asking questions, getting return commentary. You can be trying to get reactions to keep people engaged with what you’re doing and watching what you’re doing. You can, actually, at this point, you can try to convert them over to other web pages or actually into a sales funnel. That might not make you feel very confident, because there’s so many different options.”  – OPEX Fitness CEO Jim Crowell

Social Media can be a powerful tool in marketing your gym’s services. Learning how to effectively use Social Media to generate awareness and produce leads is key to your success. This tool also comes with a significant drawback, it can be incredibly complex to utilize.

Therefore, your first point of order is to determine a singular strategy of tackling social media entirely. If your strategy is to produce leads and conversions, every effort on the channel needs to be focused towards that effort. The same can be said of building awareness. Focusing your time on a singular approach to social will allow you to more effectively dominate the platform.

Secondly, the strategy must be simple. If you can’t sum up what the objective of a social campaign in a sentence, chances are the strategy may be too complex. Simplicity removes much of the chance of human error and allows the message to bleed into the market better.

Lastly, you need to develop quality content. If you would not read your blog or don’t find your content exciting, there’s a good chance your target client shares that opinion. Developing quality content ensures excellent audience retention and produces a higher chances of converting leads into clients. You build trust through quality content.

“To sum up, if you want it to be more simple, start with fewer strategies. Start with one strategy that you are trying to make effective, measure how effectively you are either executing in that or not, and then refine the strategy until it’s actually yielding the results that you set out to achieve.” – Jim Crowell


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