Robin Steyvers: Building a Remote Coaching Business in Four Months

Robin Steyvers: Building a Remote Coaching Business in Four Months

Robin Steyvers: “CCP Helped me Build a Remote Coaching Business in Four Months During a Pandemic”

In just four months, Robin Steyvers has managed to build a book of remote individual design clients to a financial level that he can live off of. 

While stuck in Morocco during a pandemic, I should add. 

Steyvers, who coached CrossFit group classes in Belgium for four years prior to starting OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) in April, credits OPEX education for his quick success.

From learning how to better communicate with and effectively program for his clients, to learning how to be more efficient and organized in his day-to-day life, to learning how to be more effective on the business side of things, CCP goes well beyond just teaching “the basics about movement progressions,” Steyvers said. 

“Of course, I got a lot out of the (science modules), like learning about the energy systems in the body, but for me, OPEX really helped give me efficient systems and the tools that you don’t get with other education,” he explained. 

“I’m more efficient with my program design and also more efficient with my planning and organization now,” he added.

For example, though he sometimes did unofficial consults with his clients, they were informal and not nearly as useful as they could have been, Steyvers admitted.

Now, he has a formal system in place, where clients book themselves in at the start of the month, and where he also checks in with them on a daily basis, which has made a huge difference to them in terms of accountability, he said. 

OPEX’s new CoachRx platform has also helped in this area. 

“It has made programming for an entire year, and breaking the year into cycles, so much more convenient,” he said of CoachRx.

Being more efficient has translated into Steyvers’ quick rise through the ranks to become a professional coach financially. In other words, he can finally have “a really good return on investment for the hours I put in. And form deeper bonds with my clients,” he explained. 

This is just something he doesn’t think is possible when you’re coaching group classes at three different CrossFit gyms like he used to do.

“I think many coaches are incredibly passionate about teaching, but they have the mentality that coaches are not supposed to make good money from it,” he said. 

He doesn’t think it has to be one or the other. Steyvers feels he can earn a living as a professional coach and doing what he loves: helping others.

After all, in just four months, he’s already almost there. 

Financials aside, being a remote individual design coach is also allowing him to help his clients more than he could in the group class, all the while pursuing his ideal life, where he can “move around according to the season,” he said, living and working anywhere in the world, like he’s doing right now in Morocco. 

“(Individual design) is completely different than the group. I get to help (my clients) not just with the movements, but with the broader picture: their mental health, their sleep, their nutrition. I really get to dive into how their lives are going, and especially with COVID, I think people are really seeing the benefit of someone looking into their whole lives,” he said. 

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