Remote Coaching: The Pros and Cons

Remote Coaching: The Pros and Cons

Recently, remote coaching services have exploded in popularity.

While it may sound like a dream—working from anywhere with complete control over your schedule—like anything, remote coaching has both benefits and tradeoffs.

When deciding to pursue a career coaching online, consider the pros and cons below.

Pros Cons_1-2If success to you means having a flexible schedule and working remotely, and you don’t mind spending time acquiring clients through social media and email marketing, then it might be a great path for you!

But if 1:1 connection and those little moments in the gym are what light you up, and you like having structure to your days, then ask yourself if coaching online is really going to bring you fulfillment. 

And how much can a self-employed remote coach make? 

While it’s typically a bit lower than in-person coaching, as clients will still need to find a separate gym to train in, it’s possible to make a great living as a remote coach (with patience and consistency as you grow your business).


If you have 40 clients paying $250 per month, this gives you $10,000 per month. 

Because you work for yourself, you take home the full amount (minus any business expenses).

That’s $100,000 in annual revenue.


Real remote coaches with a track record of success

A quick history lesson—we pioneered remote coaching when OPEX Remote Coaching was founded back in 2007, and many OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) graduates have followed in the footsteps of our HQ remote coaching team by building their own online coaching businesses.


  • Dominic Scalzo, a full-time remote coach at Functional Bodybuilding, began CCP in 2013 and with 7 years of coaching experience already, went all-in on coaching online, inspired by the flexibility and lifestyle benefits of the model. 

“OPEX has been the driver behind everything. Ever since 2013 when I started the CCP journey, I have wanted to do nothing but be a part of the OPEX way. That course changed my outlook upon fitness as a whole and really allowed me to embrace it truly throughout my life.”


  • With 12 years in the industry, remote coach Erwin Regidor has achieved a 6-figure salary and the ability to take 5 weeks off each year. 

“CCP isn't like any other certification on the market. What you learn from CCP is how to become a total coach.”


Online coaching is here to stay and OPEX CCP prepares you to coach in the digital space just as effectively as in-person.

Under the mentorship of industry-leading coaches, you’ll learn the OPEX method, a proven system for designing long-term training programs for any client, anywhere. You’ll stop wasting your time, under-delivering, and churning clients, and start programming with confidence.

On top of learning a scalable system of coaching and participating in our live mentorship experience, all OPEX coaches get hands-on experience implementing program design principles with our premium coaching software, CoachRx

Enrollment for the next CCP mentorship group is open now. Spots are limited so click the button below and apply today to get started.


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